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Even though Spencer and I are on week seven of social distancing/quarantine, I feel like I’ve just started getting into somewhat of a groove. Some days have pretty productive, but most have not, and that’s okay. There have been a lot of changes in my life, and a lot of emotions to process. I am doing my best to just take things as they come. Today, I wanted to share some of quarantine favorites that have actually been very helpful for me during this time!

Dina Smith, Dallas Blogger, shares her quarantine favorites. Pictured are the Olly Extra Strength Sleep Gummies.

For the first few weeks of quarantine I was unable to fall asleep before 4-5am. When I wasn’t tossing and turning, I was having the worst dreams. It was so rough! Upon further ~investigating~ via Twitter, I saw several people sharing similar experiences. It’s been a very interesting thing to navigate. Two things have really been a game changer for me in this area. The first of are the Olly Extra Strength Sleep Gummies! I want to note that I love their regular version, but the extra strength really kicks it up a notch. This paired with my weighted blanket, and I am happy as a clam. Snug as a bug, if you will.

Dina Smith, Dallas Blogger, shares her quarantine favorites. Pictured is a navy blue weighted blanket laying on a bed.

Like I mentioned, I have been loving my weighted blanket for a more restful sleep. I normally don’t use it each day, but I have during quarantine and it has truly helped me get a deeper, anxiety-free rest.

Dina Smith, Dallas Blogger, shares her quarantine favorites. Pictured is a yellow Nintendo Switch Lite with Animal Crossing.

Animal Crossing is my life, okay bye! I used to LOVE playing it back when I had my Nintendo DS, and the Switch version is so so good. It’s the nicest thing having something so pleasant to distract me from the all the awful things happening in the real world, to be honest.

Dina Smith, Dallas Blogger, shares her quarantine favorites. Pictured is the Vanicream Moisturizing Cream.

Real talk – right before quarantine, I had the worst breakout I have ever experienced. My skin was extremely dehydrated, extra sensitive, and breaking out all over. I am just now starting to see some progress, but it has been tough finding products that won’t irritate my skin or make it worse. I read countless posts and reviews on Reddit, and after some trial and error, I finally found the Vanicream Moisturizing Cream to be the one moisturizer to actually help me. It is formulated for sensitive skin and has a thick consistency that provides me with so much relief when I apply it.

Dina Smith, Dallas Blogger, shares her quarantine favorites. Pictured is Raw Sugar's Moisture Loving Hand Wash in Watermelon + Fresh Mint.

Thanks to upping our hand washing game, I unintentionally discovered the best hand soap I have ever tried. The Raw Sugar Moisture Loving Hand Soap leaves our hands feeling super soft and very moisturized! Important note: we (accidentally) tried the normal version when I went back to repurchase, and that one left our hands with dry patches. If you look for this soap, make sure you get the one labeled as moisture loving!

Dina Smith - Quarantine Favorites. Pictured is a woven basket holding a yoga mat. Beside the woven basket are two 10 lb dumbbells.

Like a lot of people, I have been doing my best to keep active during quarantine. There are tons of free at-home workouts being posted right now, and trying out different ones has been so fun! My favorites so far have come from Whitney Simmons, one of my faves. She has several workouts on IG Stories that are perfect for apartment dwellers like myself! Luckily, I had already amassed quite a few pieces of equipment long before quarantine, but my most used pieces during this time have been my dumbbells and yoga mat.

How have you been doing throughout this time at home? Let me know what some of your quarantine favorites have been in the comments!

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