Pressed Juicery’s Full Day Juice Cleanse – My Experience

Hey friends, Happy 2020! Health is a thousand percent on my mind this year, and with that, I’m really eager to try new things and incorporate different practices into my life. When I saw that Pressed Juicery was offering a special on their juice cleanses for the beginning of the year, I immediately jumped on the opportunity and purchased one! I’ll be going into what kind of juice cleanse I chose, my experience, and at the end – whether or not I recommend it.

What is a Juice Cleanse?

A juice cleanse is a juice fast – you’re not eating any solid food and only drinking the specified juices. Doing this is supposed to help reset and detox your body, giving it a break from all the junk and easing up on digestion! There are different lengths you can choose for your cleanse – I went with just one day, but you can also choose half-days or go for a couple days or even a week.

I wanted to mention that Pressed has an amazing membership program – all you do is commit to reload your account with at least $10 a month. By joining their membership, everything is priced lower for you all the time, and you get special deals! At the time of purchase, Pressed was offering 6 items for $25 – but because I’m a member, I was able to score 7 items for $25. This is in no way sponsored – I just wanted to share a great deal if you’re looking to drink juices more often or are interested in a cleanse!

What I Chose

Pressed has a few options for their juice cleanses, and I went with Cleanse 1 since this was my first cleanse ever.

I wanted to make sure I eased myself into this as much as possible. The fact that this particular cleanse starts and ends with a protein-rich almond beverage was a deciding factor for me, since protein helps curb hunger.

My Experience – The First Half

I usually don’t eat much to anything at all during the beginning half of my day, so personally, I knew the first half would be pretty easy for me. I started my cleanse at 10am with the vanilla almond drink – to be honest, not my favorite, but that is just because I’m not the biggest fan of almond milk. However, the protein was helpful in tiding me over for quite a while.

Sidenote: Of course this was the one morning that my co-workers decided to hold our weekly meeting at Starbucks, so there I was – at Starbs with a juice cleanse lol. The irony!

The Second Half

At noon, I had my second drink, Greens 2, which tastes like your traditional green juice. It was pretty good! At this point, I still wasn’t feeling terribly hungry.

When 2pm rolled around, this was when I could feel my body start to be like, okay. Where’s the food? My third juice was Roots 2, and this one has to be one of my absolute favorites from the whole cleanse. It was quite thick, and really filling, which I loved.

I’m not going to lie – when 4 o’clock finally came, I was in a grouchy mood because it was finally starting to settle in that I was actually doing this and wouldn’t be eating solid food at ALL. I even angry-texted Spencer that I wanted to call off my cleanse and go get tacos haha. The fourth juice is Citrus 2 which is described online as the juice that will give you a burst of energy – and this is SO true. I was so grateful for that boost because I was STRUGGLING, ya’ll.

The juice cleanse lived on even in my moment of momentary weakness. When I drank my fifth juice, Greens 3, I realized I was right at the finish line and could totally do this.

By 8pm, I was feeling so incredibly hungry, so that Chocolate Almond drink was heaven-sent. Halfway through that drink, my hungry was almost totally subsided, and after finishing it, I was good for the rest of the night with no problems.

Final Thoughts

Now that I’ve completed my first juice cleanse, would I recommend it? Absolutely. While going through it, I was going through it, but it’s definitely more of a mental challenge than it is physical. My body felt INCREDIBLE when I woke up the following morning after the cleanse. I felt so light, completely de-bloated, and just comfortable. I actually didn’t even feel the need to eat solid food until noon, when I had a small granola bar, and then was able to last until about 4pm when I had my first actual meal.

After completing that cleanse, I’ve realized that feeling sluggish, puffy, and bloated all the time shouldn’t be normal. I will absolutely be taking steps to refine what I’m eating to make sure the majority of it is as natural as possible, and avoid things that irritate my body and make me feel bloated (like dairy).

Have you done a juice cleanse, or are considering it? Let me know in the comments! Happy Juicing!

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